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Design-build pipe fabrication solutions that meet stringent requirements. Top quality TIG, MIG, FCAW, and B31.1 Welds.

Mechanical Pipe Welding Pipe Welder fab ASME B31.1


Pipe Fabricators

Pipe fabrication expert providing design-build solutions for industrial, mechanical, gas, and energy projects of any size.

Our fabrication management system maximizes efficiency by utilizing the latest technology, fabricating under ASME B31.1 guidelines while adopting a high degree of quality control which allows us to provide cost-effective solutions and outstanding results.


Titan Metals’ 7-step process (receiving, cutting, bevel cleaning, fitting, welding, quality control, load & shipment) assures that spools are tracked efficiently.

Our experienced pipe welders average 100-inches an hour with a grade equivalent to orbital welds. Our lean operations can efficiently supply multiple large-scale projects.

Using the latest technology and fabrication equipment, Titan Metals operates under a 20,000 sqft automated fabrication shop in Houston, TX. Employing two cranes (5 &10 tons), fitting stations, a rotating plasma pipe cutter station, CNC plasma tables, an ironworker, a stationary band saw, and four welding station booths.

  • Pipe fabrication and assembly
  • Specialty welding, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys
  • CNC plasma cutting: for custom designs and high precision requirements
  • Cutting and grooving pipe
  • Fitting
  • ASME B31.1 compliance
  • Grinding

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Titan metals operates under strict safety guidelines, well-defined quality control procedures, and the highest degree of welding processes. Titan adheres to the ASME B31.1 piping code for pipe welding, ensuring the industry’s highest quality of welds.

Assurance program

We have a comprehensive quality
assurance program


100% weld inspection via X-ray or Ultrasonic testing via trusted 3rd party.

Mechanical Pipe Welding Pipe Welder asme b31.1


In-house Hydrotesting with the capability of nondestructive testing (NDT) via 3rd party


TIG, MIG, FCAW - ASME B31.1 compliance Welding compared to orbital welds


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Metal Fabrication
Offering cost-effective sheet metal fabrication, pipe fabrication and laser cutting solutions by employing lean processes that reduce waste.

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